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How Can I Fight Medical Bills for Errors in Billing?


Request an itemized bill.


The first bill you got from the provider is usually a bill summary that describes what was generally done for you.  It tells you very little about what the provider is actually billing for.  You need to request an itemized bill that show exactly how the provider bill you.​


Review the itemized bill for errors.


Generally speaking, you compare what’s listed in the itemized bill against what was done for you, and look for errors.  Sometimes obvious errors are easy to spot – like if they charged you twice for examining your arm - but if you have insurance then they probably would have spotted those already.  Other errors are much more technical and therefore much harder to spot, and require medical coding experts.

Write a letter to the billing office to dispute the bill

Once you have identified the error(s), you can write a letter to the billing office to make your case. If there is really an error, they will adjust your bill.  Some internet articles suggest just writing a letter to the billing office and claim there is an error without a solid argument.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. While this will delay your bill by a little bit, it will not prevent them from sending you a bill again if there i0 s really no error.  On the other hand, you might have just flagged yourself with the billing office.   Believe it or not, providers have a fair amount of discretion in whether to grant you discount or relief in your bills, and generally speaking they are sympathetic toward you if you make a good case.  However, if you make pointless arguments, they are less likely to help you.  WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP TO REVIEW YOUR BILLS.


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