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How can CALMBA help me with my medical bills?  How does it work?

1) Review Case Submission Information

We will re​view the case submission information, and decide whether our strategies can help you.  If we think we can help you, we will ask for more information to be uploaded to our secure server.  If we cannot help you, we will still give you advice on how to proceed.

2) Help You Apply for Financial Assistance

We will review your income and expenses, and help you apply for financial assistance to the fullest extent possible under the provider's policies, as well as California and Federal Law.

3) Review Billed Charges for Accuracy

We will review the billed charges by the provider against our databases, in order to evaluate whether they are reasonable based on a combination of government and commercial payment rates.  If the billed charges are significantly higher, we can possibly negotiate a reduction.

4) Evaluate Balance Billing

Balance billing can occur when your insurance company pays less than the amount that the doctors bill you.  For example, if the doctor bill for $1000 and the insurance company only pays for $700, they may come after you for $300.  Balance billing is illegal in California under some circumstances, which can be a way for us to reduce your medical bills.

5) Plead for Relief ​Based on Your Financial Situation

Healthcare providers sometimes provide additional reduction on a case by case basis. We will evaluate your individaul financial situation, and prepare an advocacy letter on your behalf based on your particular circumstances.   

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